Measuring a Prospects Satisfaction with Existing Suppliers, So You Get the Sale

Selling professionals don’t want to hear these shocking facts: (1) If your business was gone tomorrow your prospects would just find someone else. (2) More than 90% of customers don’t like something about their existing providers. But you’ll listen because …

Most of your customers don’t like something about what you’re providing and would find someone else if you don’t make it through this economy. I don’t mean to scare you, but the truth is the truth, but there is something you can do about it.
First, you can stop asking prospective customers “Are you satisfied with your current supplier?” Instead, use their existing dissatisfaction to generate more leads and cultivate a buying relationship.
You know they aren’t happy or they wouldn’t be meeting with you. And if by chance, they are totally satisfied with their current provider (and they may tell you that), as a selling professional, it’s your job to create some form of dissatisfaction.
That’s right, if you truly believe and know what you offer is a better solution for this individual, then it’s your duty to switch them. Because if that’s all you asking, without first framing what the prospect really wants, the only answer they will give you is “Yes” (then show you the door.)
Who cares if they are satisfied with their current supplier, there is always something your prospective customer wants that will help them find dissatisfaction. Asking about supplier quality or satisfaction is the wrong first step …
Instead start your conversation with defining your prospects requirements, then determine if all those requirements are currently being met. Tom Hopkins has a great model for this type of interaction in his “Steps to Qualify” methods.
Here’s what you’ll want to remember …
Most prospects don’t really know how to give an objective opinion of their current suppliers. They may tell their boss the supplier is horrible, but tell you they love everything about them. If you want the truth, start with your buyers requirements.
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